3D Sign – Coat of Arms for Ron Clark Academy

Custom Sculpture & Sign Company

The Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta Georgia has a grand opening of their new building coming up and has ordered a 4′ x 5′ Coat of arms for the school… Here is the design and some pictures of the creative process so far…

black connecting ribbonsedited-6215edited-6195edited-6196edited-6197edited-6214  edited-6217edited-6218edited-6221edited-6222edited-6223 edited-6226edited-6224edited-6225  edited-6230edited-6232edited-6234edited-6235edited-6236edited-6237edited-6238

Just waiting on the Text to finish being carved and painted and then the whole thing will be glued up and ready to ship! Final pictures to come….

OK! Here are the finished pics!!


edited-6265edited-6266edited-6267edited-6268edited-6269edited-6270edited-6271edited-6272edited-6273edited-6274edited-6275edited-6276edited-6277edited-6278edited-6279edited-6280edited-6281edited-6282  edited-6284

Here is a link to Atlanta news. They got some nice shots of our sign!!


Thanks for looking! If you have anything you would like made simply visit http://www.customwoodcarvings.com and click the contact page to get in touch. If you enjoy these posts, click the follow button on the right hand side to receive notifications on new posts…

We got our first snow of the winter today!!

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