Materials & Pricing

We specialize in Dimensional signs as opposed to vinyl sticker signs. The materials our signs are made of are wood, PVC board, or HDU Sign foam.

Wood Signs
Wood can be finished with an oil wood preservative or a varnish or urethane. Wood has an amazing beauty that no other material has, but wood also requires eventual maintenance to keep it looking it’s best.


PVC board
PVC board can be carved and painted, it’s fairly rigid and completely weather proof.


HDU Sign foam
This rigid foam comes in a high density weight like 15 or 18 lb. It carves and paints really well (better than PVC board) and is completely weather proof. It is not as rigid as PVC board so larger pieces are supported by additional materials. A great choice for high relief signs.


All our signs are crafted using a combination of power tools and hand carving. We have 11 years of custom sculpture experience working on each sign.

Prices are based on the following details: size, materials, complexity of design, construction and finish and shipping.

Please contact us with any questions you may have via email or a phone call. Click the contact tab to get in touch.

Custom Sculpture & Sign Co. • 127 Wampler St. Nickelsville, VA 24271 • 276-479-0388

3 thoughts on “Materials & Pricing

  1. Hdu 4×8 boards. Quantity 2
    Cnc routing. No finishing, just routing. We will paint it, and supply hdu boards. We need someone to route our artwork. Similar to your piece of the badge. Can you quote us or give an ballpark quote?


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