Welcome Signs – Grove School – Madison, CT

The Grove School in Madison, CT got in touch and ordered two signs. The first one greets visitors and directs them to the second one, the Welcome Center. Pictures were taken of the area with the old signs and sign sketches were Photoshop’d into the areas to help visualize the possibilities.

The old and new Welcome sign


The old and new Welcome Center sign…

These were made from weatherproof 1″ thick PVC board and painted with premium exterior paints.







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Carved Magnolia Sign

This sign was designed by a sign company down south called Franklin Sign Company in Tennessee, http://www.franklinsignco.com They contacted me to see if I could create the magnolias for this double sided sign. They sent me the design layout and the sizes and the magnolia image they wanted transformed into 3D. I was able to take it from there.



The first step was to have the CNC cut out the two profiles in 1.5″ thick sign foam. Then, with a pencil, draw the detail lines of all the leaves and petals.


Next, using a dremel with a tear drop burr bit and a long thin burr bit, begin carving in on all the lines.


Once, the carving was complete, they were ready for priming and painting…

I will update this post with the final picture of the completed sign as soon as they send it to me.

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