Carved Sewing Machine

My friend and veteran sign maker, John Miller, from SignsbyAutografix in CT, created an excellent sign design for a local tailor that incorporated an antique sewing machine on the top. He asked me to make the sewing machine and he took care of the rest.

I used the CNC to cut out 3 profiles to glue up and then I used reference photos to carve the rest.



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Carved Log Disk

A customer showed up with this log disk he cut with his chainsaw. He and his wife are from Ireland and speak fluent Gaelic. They asked me to carve this saying into the wood as a gift for their friend. It means something like “there is no one like him”.( I could totally be messing that up)


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Personalized Pet Portrait Sign

This customer’s beloved pet, Holly, is getting old and she wanted to create a sign to memorialize her before she passes on. She sent me some pictures and the spelling of her name and this is what was made…




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Welcome Signs – Grove School – Madison, CT

The Grove School in Madison, CT got in touch and ordered two signs. The first one greets visitors and directs them to the second one, the Welcome Center. Pictures were taken of the area with the old signs and sign sketches were Photoshop’d into the areas to help visualize the possibilities.

The old and new Welcome sign


The old and new Welcome Center sign…

These were made from weatherproof 1″ thick PVC board and painted with premium exterior paints.







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Custom Carved House Number Signs

House number signs are often required by towns, but it can be a difficult task finding one to match your architectural style and color scheme. We can create a custom house sign for you that perfectly matches your design needs using completely weatherproof materials that never rot or delaminate. Simply call or text Kris at 860-876-7529 or shoot an email to to get a free qoute for your new house number sign.

house sign

fishsign icon



We can even turn an ugly stump in your yard into a beautiful, functional carved house number!


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Chamber of Commerce Sign, Clinton, CT

The Clinton Chamber asked me to make a new sign to replace this old one.


Fortunately, they had a very well designed logo, so we took their logo and turned it into a 3D sign.


This sign is a double sided sign. 4 ft. wide and made of 1″ thick weatherproof PVC board, carved and painted.



Here is an example of a before and after when using a mask to help paint.



Thank you Clinton Chamber for trusting us with your sign. Thank you for your business!



New Sign for New Shop

Last October, we moved into a new shop space in a local industrial park. I am very happy with the new shop location and the new space. It’s working quite well for now. The following shots show the process of making the new shop sign that will hang over the entrance.

cub sign

Next, I used the CNC to carve out some shapes and letters.


Next, a second layer was added to create the profile of the cub. The material is a weatherproof, high density sign foam. Gorilla glue is used to attach the foam to itself.


Next, the hand carving was done with an angle grinder with a sanding disc. A dremel was used to create the finer details of the wood texture and the face. An arbortec mini grinder was used to create the fur texture.

Next, a french cleat was embedded in the back for easy hanging.


Now, it’s time for color!! First, we painted the whole thing black as a dramatic undertone to all the color and texture.


Next, the background was sprayed with two tones of tan color. The lower level of the letters was painted a forest green. The top surface of the letters were finished with a gold paint product from Modern Masters. The gold sheen looks almost like real gold leaf. First, the letters were painted pale yellow and then two coats of the gold went over the top. The log was painted dark brown as well as the frame. Subtle tones of moss green were mixed around the bark texture.

Finally, the sign was installed in front of the shop!

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